Climbing Man White Gloss

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The climbing man is made from poly resin and  finished with high gloss white paint. Each piece comes with the stainless steel wire and mounting fixtures so that you can position the sculpture on the wire to suit your own design requirements.

Hang on it's own, buy 2 or more and hang as a set, or add the red woman and/or black man to complete the series.

Each piece is individually moulded, polished and painted. 

This sculpture is exclusively imported and distributed by Lemongrass in Australia and production of each piece is limited.


Dimensions: H 37cm, W 19cm , D 16cm

Product weight: 1kg

Care Instructions:

Use a soft cloth for dusting or polishing.

The sculpture is not effected by sun or heat so it is safe to hang in direct sunlight.


The stainless steel wire, stoppers and hook is included along with instructions.  If you are still unsure, please give us a phone call and we can discuss it further.