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Zenith Sculptures

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Our beautiful Zenith sculptures have been designed by Lemongrass Homeware and are made out of recycled aluminium sourced from old car parts.

Aluminium car part scrap metal is collected and melted down into ingots. The molten aluminium is heated up to extreme temperatures to burn off all impurities leaving the molten alloy to solidify into an ingot. The ingots are then casted into moulds to form these magnificently shaped sculptures.

Sculptures such as these are normally made out of resin and painted with lacquer.

Whilst on an overseas buying trip we visited our suppliers factories and developed the idea of using scrap recycle aluminium to make our products. We spent several weeks developing wax moulds to get the right shapes until we finally came up with the correct designs.

The finished product is then highly polished and enamelled with a clear coloured “liquid look” enamel. Once the enamel sets it produces a highly gloss finish giving the finished product a striking appeal.

Made from aluminium, our sculptures will nor break easily or craze if left exposed to direct sunlight.

Each piece is designed in Australia and hand crafted overseas by a skilled craftsmen producing an extremely beautiful piece of artwork that would look great in any room and make for a great talking piece. Available in a multiple of colours.

Aluminium Care and Cleaning Instructions

Aluminium does not like extended exposure to water and other liquids (vinegar, oil etc.). This means that all aluminium items exposed to water (liquids) should then be washed or rinsed after use and then thoroughly dried. Dry foods, such as fruit, vegetables, nuts, etc. require very little maintenance. These food stuffs can be left for extended periods with no [...]

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Happy Customer Review

I'd like to start by giving some feedback on my most recent orders. I absolutely love everything about your site! From the simple and sleek website design to obviously, the product itself which are very modern and aesthetically pleasing, If there was a place I could rate you [...]

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Modern Metals

We love colour !All our aluminium decor is handcrafted and exquisitely hand polished to a shimmering shine. Then a skilled artisian performs the ancient art of meenakari (decorating metal with colours) on each piece to create a unique work of art. We trust it will give you many years of enjoyment.Our aim is to provide [...]

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