Sculptures, Statues & Figurines

Our sculptures, figurines and ornaments are all exclusively distributed in Australia by Lemongrass. Each piece is manufactured to our specifications and requirements, they are NOT mass produced and availability is limited.

The resin sculptures are all designed in Italy and then hand made in a purpose built factory in China.  Each one is hand cast with resin, once set it is removed from the mould, trimmed and then hand polished. The two pack paint finish is suitable for indoors or outdoors and is not affected by the sun.  The metallic chrome finish is electrolytic chrome.

The aluminium sculptures are designed in Australia by Lemongrass and manufactured in India. Each piece is hand cast in aluminium and then hand polished. The bright coloured paint is enamel and applied by hand to each piece. The texture of the metal can be seen through the clear enamel colours and adds to the beauty of each piece.  These sculptures are also suitable for indoor use and will not be affected by direct sunlight.